!!shri rani satye namah!!

"ya devi sarvabhutesu sati rupena samsthita !
namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah !!
satayuge savitri sati , tretaya sita sati !
dwapare krsnapriya radhe , kalayuge ranisati !!

In very brief the life history of ranisati ji like this.her original name was narayani devi. she was the daughter of shri gurusahaymal ji.she was married with shri tandhandas ji son of shri jaliram ji .shri jaliram ji was divan of hisar. at that time there were nawabi administration. these were very sweet relation in between divan and nawab which was a natural matter but during an immediate incident their relation break .there was a remarkable mare to shri tandhandas ji which fame spread very much to a wide range. the heart of prince of hisar became adopted to that mare but jaliram ji expressed his refusal to give that mare to sahjade.after that sahjade decided that he will stole that mare and take her into his custody. one night in deep darkness, he reached to stole the mare in the stable of jaliram ji .the mare started to neigh loudly seeing the presence of a stranger.the voice of neigh of mare entered in the ear of tandhandas ji in clam night and he ran towards stable taking spear.the sahajade seeing tandhandas ji coming towards him , hides himself in the bundle of grass which was just near the mare with this fear that the whole state will known about his theft and he will be difamed.tandhandas ji came near the mare runningly and he throun his spear towards bundle of grass. his spear pierced the nawab's son hidden in the grass- bundles and he cried loudly by his mouth. hearing the cry tandhandas ji shifted the bundles of grass which was near light ,then he found that sahajade was died already thear. shri jaliram ji, father of shri tandhandas ji awaken in place and he too, came to the incident spot. hedecided to migrate from hisar as early as possible understanding the seriousness of whole circumstances. he proceeded for jhunjhunu from there with family during night. the nawab of hisar became very much angry knowing the unexpectedly death of sahajade and he decided to revenge of his son's deth from jaliram ji and thandhandas ji. he became in search of an occasion.
At last nawab got a chance. it happensthat after some time tandhandas ji was returning from maham to jhunjhunu with his dharmapatni shri narayani devi after gauna. the nawab of hisar got this news. in the way many more trained soldiers of nawabs suddenly attacked on tandhandas ji hiding himself. tandhandas ji met boldly from them bravely but there were a less number of soldier with him and nawab's soldiers were very much in number. thandhandas ji fell down though he fought bravely and got mortality.

Nrayani devi when saw that her husband had been killed by his enemies by fraud and plot, she like a heroine,taking the sword of her husband in hand fell in the battle - field and incamate herself in implacable form of rana-chandi narayanidevi violently attacked and faced her enemies not only by courage but destroy tham earnestly and due to this reason many enemies died and rest ran away from there.
The holy " sat of satitva" , her teja of saurya and parakrama was looking allaround on the battlefield that day. it was proof of her greatness, her deep devotion in hindu dharma and culture. this unfailure due to soft character throughout life, akhanda brahmacarya , sat and devotion for her husbend ,she was provided by this unfailure power. she got success in defeating her enemies in war on that day while she was alone due to this unfailure power and courage only rana alived who was faithful servant of tandhandas ji durung war and along with him stand "sweta mare" of tandhandas ji.
Before this nawab's more army reached these, narayani devi abandoned her body on the battle field by yogagni. narayani devi blessed to rana seeing his swami bhakti, tyaga and sahasa that whenever her name will be remembered in this physical world, he will also remembered with her. she ordered them to take away her bhakeeping on a mare and wherever that mare stay ,made a temple there. similar words said to my father -in-law shri jaliram ji.
This narayani devi who for the sake of her dharma and astitva worldly known by the name of shri ranisati ji in kalantara ,where the temple of shri ranisati ji in situated in jhunjhunu.this is that place taken by rana having the bhasmi stopped. this incidant belongs to vikram samvat 1652.today's this huge temple is living proof of singing gaurava gatha and greatness of immortal heroine shri ranisati dadi ji has been performed in from of kuldevi by her ancestors and followers. socialwork like- first mundana of a child, puja befour marriage and after marriage tie them with a cloth in complsory going in her temple by their devotees and many more family mangalika work do not complete without worshipping here and surrender their head on her feet. on both the navaratra occasion she worshipped here in from of durga and many more devotees came here on both oecasions .ladies want her blessings for the long life of their husband and protection of their suhaga.
!! jai sri ranisati dadi ji ki !!
!! jai jai jhunjhunudham ki !!

vikas jalan

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  1. रानी सती दादी तेरी लीला महान है !
    सारा जग करे मैया तेरा गुणगान है !
    दादी तेरा नाम हमें लेने से काम है !
    सबह और शाम बस लेते तेरा नाम है !
    सिंह पर चढ़ कर मैया थे आ जाओ !
    भक्तो के दुखड़े पल में मिटा जाओ !
    सांचो तो मैया तेरो ही दरबार है !
    डगमग डोले जीवन नैया ,पार करो थे आकर मैया !

    !! जय रानी सती दादी जी की !!